5 Chrome Extensions You Didn’t Know Existed

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Date posted: September 26, 2022
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I have been busy curating some of the most useful chrome extensions to improve my productivity as well as to solve some of my everyday challenges.

I hope these help you too!

  1. SelectText: selecttext
  2. Glasp: https://glasp.co/
  3. Screenshot YouTube: Screenshot Youtube
  4. Save In: Save in
  5. Breathhh: https://breathhh.app

1. SelectText: selecttext

This extension allows you to select and copy any text on a Youtube video. No more having to take notes manually when there isn’t an accompanying presentation link!

2. Glasp: https://glasp.co/

Highlight and curate any notes around the web into an organised list which you can export to tools such as notion and connect with likeminded people in the community this app has fostered.

3. Screenshot YouTube: Screenshot Youtube

Screenshot any Youtube frame into a beautiful image without having to worry about removing the youtube UI.

4. Save In: Save in

No more disorganised download folders in Chrome. This tool allows you to save your images, files and other files in designated directories within the download folder structure.

5. Breathhh: https://breathhh.app/

In the pursuit of our subjective success, we can all do too much at times. This app uses AI to remind you to take a breathe and relax when it detects that you need a break. It also has a mood diary you can use and exercise videos for you to do should you want to.

More and more of you seem to enjoy these weekly emails and I thank you all for showing the support you have so far.

I’ll keep bringing you the tools, you keep showing up.

Over and out!


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Mersudin Forbes

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