“Mortgage Rates” Google Searches Rise As Consumers Scramble To Figure it all out

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Date posted: September 30, 2022
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mortgage rate searches

I usually monitor user beahaviour in line with the media, and this recent cost of living issue around mortgage rates is no different.

Take a look at the Google Trends data below:

You can quite quickly extrapolate where user mindset is going by then looking at the search results page and seeing what “people also ask”.

Quite clearly, people are wondering what is happening daily. While also trying to see how expensive their mortgage will be after their deal expires. For some people, this is clearly 2024 as the searched questions suggest.

When you look at the related queries in Google trends you can see that consumers are already looking at their options by searching for calculators and best deals this year.

Rising searches are about the best mortgage rates.

If the government really want to know what people are thinking about. They should just use trends and searches to find out what the real concerns are publically.

Mersudin Forbes

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