The 5 Best Background Removal Tools

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Date posted: August 11, 2022
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I have tested a few background removal tools for things such as selfies and product shots. Here are the top 5 I have come across.

  1. Adobe Express Background Remover

1. Adobe Express Background Remover

Adobe Express Background Remover

This is one of my favourite background remover tools as it easily integrates with Adobe express which I already have an account for.

It does reccomend to have clearly identifiable edges in the images you use.

Based on testing, I would reccomend that you use any photos you take with a clear contrast background and try not to match close colours like almond white and white backgrounds as it tends to blend them. I also find that using warm lighting blurrs the colours too much.

Overall, this tool works really well as a free background removal tool with the added benefit of being able to import the complete image into the Adobe Express suite for editing.


This is another great free option with the added benefit of also having access to paid manual removal services if required.

Overall, the tools does a great job of removing backgrounds from products, people, cars, animals and also other graphic designs.

There is also an in built editor for adding simple text and graphics built into the tool.

Other options inclue API calls and a bulk remover application for Mac and Windows.


This is another great option for simle background removal. It also has an API and a desktop application so you can do this in bulk.

Requirements are:

  • The format should be JPG, PNG or WebP
  • Maximum image size: 10Mb
  • Maximum image resolution: 4.2Mpx


Very good quality background removal tool. It also has some editing options where you can add your own backgrounds and some dodgy temaplated ones such as the one below which made me laugh.

  1. You get unlimited standard res photos
  2. You get 1 HD photo credit and then need to pay for more.

Here is the pricing for more credits: pricing pricing


This is a new tool I had not come across before and it has a 3-in-1 feature which allows you to removed the background, add a background for product photos and also lets you size them for formats such as Facebook, Amazon and Youtube.

Final Thoughts

All of these tools work very well for their purpose. Some of them are faster in processing but all do a very good job. Your data is also removed from most of them once you download the image.

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Mersudin Forbes

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