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The Hemingway app website helps you make your writing bold and clear by removing unnecessary words and language. It’s like a spellchecker but for your writing style and reading comprehension.

Most users like to read easy to comprehend sentences and structures unless there is a technical aspect and application requirement to writing. Simplify your written text and watch dwell time improve.

  1. What’s so good about Hemingway?
  2. Main Features
  3. Use Cases
  4. How do you Use Hemingway
  5. Considerations
  6. Where do you get it?

What’s so good about Hemingway?

I often read back on what I have written and wonder if there is a way I can condense the text or simplify the text. Essentially, this is what the app does for you. It does this by highlighting sentences that are too dense in yellow and red.

Main Features

  1. The tool is completely free to use.
  2. Files are deleted after 15 minutes.
  3. Uses the Automated Readability index to test the grade level of writing for simplicity. Complex wording and sentences put off most users.
  4. Writing mode – Write without distraction and highlighting.
  5. Edit mode – Check your writing and correct improvement suggestions.
  6. Text formatting is easy to apply.

Use Cases

You should use this tool for all of your writing. It helps you create clearer, meaningful language which your users will love you for.

  1. When you want to write compelling content which users find easy to understand.
  2. Keep an eye on too much passive language.
  3. Simplify content you have already written to improve user comprehension and help them stay longer and take action.
  4. Target your writing to the right grade levels based on your audience.

How do you use the Hemingway App?

  1. Head over to https://hemingwayapp.com/
  2. Use writing mode to create and format your content.
  3. Enable editor mode.
  4. Edit your sentences to improve readability.


  1. Great tool for simplifying writing.
  2. Easy to format editor and tools.
  3. The tool can sometimes suggest cutting out important contextual wording so be careful of that.
  4. In general, it will help you write easier to understand content for users.

Where do you get it?

  1. Go to https://hemingwayapp.com/

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