Tool Type: Productivity

Clay: Revolutionising the Prospecting Process

Clay is a platform designed to revolutionise the prospecting process, offering a suite of tools for enhanced CRM capabilities and AI-powered prospecting. What’s so good about Clay? Main Features: Use…

4 Chrome Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

I am still amazed at just how awesome some of the Chrome tools on the market are now. Below are some I have found recently which I think you will…

Hemingway App – Make Your Writing Bold & Clear

The Hemingway app website helps you make your writing bold and clear by removing unnecessary words and language. It’s like a spellchecker but for your writing style and reading comprehension….

Get More Done with ASANA

What is ASANA used for? Easily manage all your projects in one place using the ASANA desktop and mobile app. This is in my opinion the most comprehensive project management…

Ninite – What’s so good about it?

Ninite is a free package management system that helps users to install popular applications automatically. The package manager lets you select which applications you want to install and bundles them…

TinyWow – Free PDF, Video & Image Tools

Easily split, merge, unlock, compress and e-sign PDF files with this really useful website. You can also perform task such as turning videos into GIF files, compress images and turn them into different file formats.

Screenshot Guru – Take Website Screenshots

Screen Shot Guru allows you to take beautiful screenshots of any website. It does this quickly and efficiently.